Endlich ein natürlicher Insta-Bodytrend

Die Dellen zwischen Oberschenkel und Hüftknochen sind was ganz Normales – trotzdem halten manche sie für einen Makel. Mit #hipdips feiern Frauen sie nun auf Social Media.

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Endlich ein natürlicher Insta-Bodytrend
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11 Jul '17
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11 Jul '17
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Kennt ihr den Begriff "Hip Dips"? Wir erst seit kurzem, nachdem wir über einen Artikel der Huffington Post gestolpert sind und erfahren haben, dass es sich bei der Senkung zwischen Hüfte und Oberschenkel um einen Schönheitsmakel handeln soll. Das sorgt nun für ordentlich Wirbel in den sozialen Medien.

Mit Shapewear und Sport gegen die angeblichen Makel

Anscheinend erfreuen sich die Hip Dips bei Frauen keiner grossen Beliebtheit. Viele würden sie, so die Huffington Post, mit Shapewear oder dem entsprechenden Sportprogramm loswerden wollen; tatsächlich preisen etliche Sites Übungen an, welche die Hip Dips eliminieren sollen. Da die Wölbungen jedoch anatomisch bedingt sind, ist ihnen mit Sport nicht beizukommen.

"Ich habe ganz schön auffällige Hip Dips"

Die Fitness-Instagrammerin Carys Gray hat nun mit einem Post eine kleine Begeisterungswelle losgetreten. "Wie ihr sehen könnt, habe ich ganz schön auffällige Hip Dips. [...] Zwanzig Jahre habe ich Makel an mir gesucht, die Hüften waren aber nie ein Problem für mich. Früher wäre ich verunsichert gewesen, hätte ich gelesen, dass sie als Makel dargestellt werden. Heute ist es mir egal, was die Leute denken, wie eine Frau auszusehen hat. Ich finde sie cool."

‼️ HOLD UP let's talk about hip dips for a minute 🤔🤔 As you can see from this picture and many of my other pictures I have preeeeeetty large 'hip dips'.. This is where my leg/hip area comes in just before my quad starts.. I thought these lil dips were unique to me until I read the gorgeous @sjamesfit this morning all about how they're actually a huge insecurity to loads of women!! I then went on to google hip dips and read all about how they're seen as a bad thing for women and some people even go as far as to have fat injected into them to smooth them out 😱😱😱😱 WELL I sure as hell wasn't about to add another thing onto my insecurity list 😂✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼 If anyone else has these cute ass hip dips then you should rock them.. For 20 years I've picked at areas of my body I hate but not once did I pick up on these! A few years ago I would have read that article and suddenly felt insecure and wanted to change them. Now I don't give a poo what other people think looks good on women or not. I think they're cool. 😎 😂 And yes growing my quads 17483 times bigger has probably made the hip dips even more prominent but quads are cool too. Conclusion: I'm cool. You're cool. Everyone's cool. Bye. Don't forget to watch my latest YouTube video where I unbox my supplement delivery from @womensbest 💕💕 LINK IN MY BIO 💕💕💕💕💕 #fitness #fit #health #healthy #gym #workout #Abs #glutes #fitfam #girlswholift #cardio #fitspo #instafit #gains #girlgains #muscle #strength #motivation #muslce #booty #leanin15 #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #womensbest

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Damit hat sie einen Nerv getroffen, wie die zahlreichen Posts unter dem Hashtag #hipdips bestätigen. Weitere Frauen zeigen nun ebenfalls ihre Senkung und versuchen jene, die verunsichert sind, zu ermutigen, sie zu lieben. Seht hier: 

Lately on my dash I’ve seen lots of posts about hip dips. I just want to let you know that they're normal! It’s part of our anatomy, and on some is more noticeable than others. It all depends on your body type, muscle, and fat distribution. 
In case you didn't know, the femurs connect to the pelvis. Wow! Reference the 2nd picture if this is confusing!
That is exactly what a “hip dip” is. The space on the sides between the top of your pelvis and your femurs. You get a hip dip from being born with a skeleton. Incredible. Everyone has one, but sometimes it’s not as noticeable. Men and women have it, but it’s more noticable on women because our hips are usually more pronounced. Like I said earlier, it’s about fat and muscle distribution, as well as your own unique skeletal structure and shape. It's often more visible on those with wide, high-set hips. Some women have it more noticeable, some don’t, but it doesn’t mean it's not there. Everyone 👏 has 👏 them 👏 Seriously, you'll have one as long as you keep your skeleton. Can they be decreased in appearance by losing excess fat? Sure, to an extent. But guess what? I had quite pronounced ones even at my leanest, when I carried so little fat that I stopped getting my period (this was unhealthy, I know). Hip dips are NOT the same as a muffin top. Sometimes they can create a similar appearance in clothing, but it's not!!! The same!! Thing!!! I've also seen people saying that hip dips can be filled out by working on your gluteus medius. That could be true for some people to a certain extent, but unless your hip dips are already barely visible, it's absolutely fucking ridiculous to think they'll be significantly filled out by growing a part of your glute. I know mine sure won't. They're too big, and that's okay! But go throw your money at whatever booty builder program you want and see if I care. Honestly, the visibility of mine is my biggest insecurity. I don't know why or at what point I was taught to hate them, but I was, and I'm working on unlearning it. It's really helped me seeing other girls on here post about theirs and NORMALIZING it. So here are mine!

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Soooo...let's talk about Hip Dips a.k.a. 🎻 Hips. To be 100% honest, the only hip dip I've previously been familiar with is the workout one where you're in side plank dipping your hip down to work your obliques. 🤔 But I suppose there's a new hip dip in town that describes the indent that occurs after your hip and before your thigh begins. . For anyone asking "how do I fill in my hips?", let me tell you that this was never a "problem" until people started making it a problem. With pics of models on IG in string bikinis and body con dresses showing off their tiny waists, wide hips, and super hourglass figures - you see those pics getting tons of likes which makes you feel like that's how you need to look! It makes you start to believe that this is THE BEST body type, the MOST IDEAL body type, the body type that GUYS LIKE. And you start to think that if you don't look like that, you're not good enough. 😔 Move over magazine covers...Instagram pics are the new beauty standard. 🙄 . Listen up. Hip dips are NORMAL! If your hip bone sits a tad higher than your femur, fat and muscle in that area are likely to cave inward. Literally THAT IS ALL. So if you want to spend all day and night fighting the natural anatomy of your body trying to "fill in" your hips, let me tell you right now that you are better off spending your energy elsewhere. Focus on being stronger. On enhancing what you've got instead of focusing on your "flaws." Hip dips do not make you a good person, a bad person, a skinny person or a fat person. They just are. . Now...onwards to more important things in life!!! #blogilates #hipdips

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